Flans mod guide number 2. [Vehicles]

You have been crafting guns to kill other people and win in pvp, but of course we all want something more powerfull, so why not use vehicles? Here is our full guide for vehicle crafting, Enjoy!

[1]  you need vehicle crafting table to craft any of vehciles (exeption. WW2 AA-guns)

Vehicle crafting table:


[2] Now, you have opened door for all flans mod vehicles,

to craft, you must get all the parts the vehicle requires, for example:Sieppaa.PNG

for M1 Abrams you need all the stuff in ”Requires” Box, 2 Caterpillars, 10 grey dye, seat, tank turret, advanced tank body and m60a3 gun. Of course you will need engine for any vehcile, here is the most common v4 engine:


You can find every part and block in our modpack by finding them in NEI:




Of course, all vehicles dont use normal engines (v4, v6, v8, rotary)

there is Mechas ( titans) that  use CPU and Advanced CPU as engine:


The mechas uses also rare parts that are use only for them. you can find the parts also in NEI:


Now you should know the basics of vehicle crafting!


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