Playing factions

Always wanted to have your own empire? Wanted to rule others? or just want to be soldier of huge clan? Factions is the thing for you!

Playing factions is the best kind of war, but first you will have to start like in vanilla MC, such as getting wood and making house for yourself.

You have to protect your house so create own faction for it ( / f create *name*) and /f claim the place where you have builded. this will make it so others cant break your house or build blocks in your area with tools, of course they can come with explosives or vehicles and explode the place, but you are there defending with your friends 😉

To invite friends or other members in server, type /f invite *name*

They will have to accept you by /f join *your name or your fac name*

When you are done with your house, of course, make the gun boxes there and start creating guns and other weapons! Make the place as big and as nice as you can so people will more likely join to you.

If you start feeling bored you can go search for other players bases and destroy them with grenades, tanks, planes or helicopters, if you find chests from a base, you have to first type /f enemy •enemy name•  so you can access the chests. This works when the players are offline. If the enemys is online, you must type /f claim and stand where the chests are because the chests are protected most likely by targets faction. You can’t always just go and claim. You will have to get your enemys power ( /f p ) lower than the land they have claimed to claim it yourself.

If the base is not claimed, you can just go and get the chests, or /f pillage the chests if they are protected.

If someone is raiding you, you should enemy them /f enemy so they can’t teleport from your terrority or use other commands

You can have relationships with others and build alliedship in server,

/f ally *fac name*, /f neutral *fac name*, /f truce *fac name* and /f enemy *fac name* are the relationships.

Speak in /f c f to have chat only for your faction. or /f c a to speak with allies. and of course /f c p to get back to public chat 🙂

To set home for your faction type /f sethome inside claimed land and /f home to get there,

For your personal home you can /sethome *name* and get there by /home *name*


[2] Shop

If you haven’t noticed already, we have an shop in spawn. ( you can get there by typing /spawn )

You can get money by selling stuff [isell] you have and with the money you get, you can buy [ibuy] stuff in shop 🙂 Check /baltop for the list of richest people in server

Good ways to get money are for example mining with mechas and selling diamonds&other materials.

There is also ”coins” the item-based currency wich you can use to buy loads of vehicles and guns , explosives and weapons from /warp NPCshop

[3] Kits

You can get free stuff daily and weekly by typing /kit daily (daily kit) and going to the ”weekly gun & plane” NPC in spawn

VIP’s have more kits such as /kit firework and /kit molotov. More here

dont be worried, if you have any questions create thread in our forums !


Now you should know the secrets of factions!  use the information wisely and dont get destroyed or you will have to start over! We recommend having the bases spread so you wont lose all-in-one!




9 thoughts on “Playing factions

  1. Hey what if i want to bann someone out of my fation or i want to check my faction list or i want to leave/ delete my faction, how should i do? I also send a email request recently


    1. /f kick *name* to ban someone ( you must be officer or leader )
      /f list to see who is in your fac
      /f leave to leave your fac and
      /f disband to delete it




  3. How do you claim more land for your faction/ how do you become powerful enough to be stronger then the person you are attacking so you can keep there stuff?


    1. Hello Hpstoothless!
      To claim land for you,type
      /f claim . That will claim on chunk of blocks for your base, you can see the chunk borders by pressing f9 button in your keyboard!
      To get more power you must
      /f invite more people to your faction. 1 player = 10 power

      And yes. If you want someones stuff what they have in their chests, the owner of those chests must be online, ik. It might be boring to wait for owner of that chest but we are currently solving ways to fix this “problem in gameplay”

      – Horizonflans staff & team


  4. Every time i try to enter the server it says Mod Rejection customnpcs but im not using customnpcs? nay help would be appreciated


    1. Hello comrade,
      If you use technic launcher, update your modpack
      And if you use mincraft launcher, go to , click “join us” and then “install” on the minecraft launcher, follow the inconstructions and after this, check if you now have the customNPC mod in your mod folder
      – Horizonflans Support


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