Game running out of memory


Are you running out of memory randomly whily playing in horizonflans and you are bored of it?

there’s a simple fix for this!

first of all, try allocating more RAM to your technic launcher like in these pictures. click

“launcher options”



after that click on “java settings”


and choose the amount of RAM you want to allocate, i recommend 2,5 GB

IF you have maxium of 1 GB memory, here’s a reason and fix for that:

it’s because you have 32 bit java that only supports technic launcher up to 1 GB ram


To fix it you must download and install 64 Bit java and then reload / reinstall technic launcher

here’s downloads for that:

Java 64 BIT for Windows 7 / 8 / 10

Java 64 BIT for Mac OS X

Java 64 BIT for LINUX operating systems



2 thoughts on “Game running out of memory

  1. i run it on 3.5 and its very laggy and the fps isn’t so well either when I use like a tank a vehicales


    1. Send your specs for statistics. We don’t really need info about the thing it dont work, we need to know why it wont work as in some 6 years old computer i had 60 fps with many vehicles for example


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