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  74016ce24a2abc3158863ef0c6761523ba1f8218 New Websites: http://horizonflans.net/

  • HorizonFlans is an Flans mod Minecraft Community That have been running since 2015, Growing well. There are 3 Servers In HorizonFlans
  • Server(s) currently support minecraft version 1.7.10 and flans mod version 4.10.0
  • Main Factions Server Ip:  Server.horizonflans.net:25569
  • TDM Server IP: tdm.horizonflans.net:25573 ( CRACKED)
  • LIte Server IP lite.horizonflans.net:25572
  • Technic launcher download:
  •                 technic-launcher_527089_full.png.jpg
  • Modpack files ( Flans and mods ) for minecraft launcher
  •                images
  • Click here to email us. Our response comes in 1 – 5 days depending on the traffic at our email servers.
  •   Help Page: User’s Guide
  • Read rules online! Rules
  • Here is link for our ”How to install Modpack tutorial that has video and text tutorial and Other usefull things!

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  1. I am thinking you want to continue the HARDCORE FLANS Server. And i loved this Server so i want to help you and your Team by continueing the Server as a Builder for the Spawn. If i can join your Team as a Builder, i will build your server the Spawn from the HardcoreFlans Server.


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