How do You install modpack for server?

Well, you don’t actually need to install it, you have easier ways too!

  1. Just download technic launcher if you haven’t already, and write ”horizonflans” there.


2. Click on ”install”  button on it

3. Done! Click the ”play” button


4. Well, now you have installed it! Here’s a picture explaining what the buttons in the menu means! We guess you dont want to download it manually anymore! ;D


here we still have easy manual steps to install modpack if you STILL want to download it for your mc launcher!

first You need to download forge 1.7.10. u can Install it From Here, after download, Run it. After that follow these steps:

  1. Download these files here
  2. download the pack
  3. go to windows search in left down corner and type %appdata%
  4. select .minecraft
  5. make sure that you have installed forge succesfully.
  6. if u have, there should be mods folder
  7. place ur mods to ‘mods’ folder.
  8. add new folder and name it ‘Flan’
  9. place your content packs there.
  10. restart your minecraft and u should be fine 🙂

OR use our automated installer to do that!


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